A simple and cost-effective solution to monitor your AED

With AEDMAP VISIO, you get a clear, secure and online access to the administration interface, which brings together in one dematerialised space :

  • The location of each defibrillator, its precise position on a map and the photo of the environment in which it is located.
  • The characteristics of each defibrillator (brand, model …)
  • Consumable expiration dates (batteries, pads).
  • Referrer management for recurring inspections monitoring.
  • The dematerialised and up to date maintenance register.

AEDMAP VISIO automatically sends email alerts to the referrers when approaching the consumables expiry dates.

The location of your defibrillators is automatically integrated in Staying Alive, they are visible to users of the mobile application in the event of an emergency nearby. To be more easily spotted, your logo can be associated with each of your defibrillators.

Staying Alive is a community app, you will be alerted immediately if any of its users declare a problem on one of your defibrillators (missing, defective, improperly positioned).

Your defibrillators inventory is done online in your personal space. You can edit, delete and add new defibrillators via this secure interface, including through  Excel spreadsheets import.


By subscribing to the Pack option, new supplies are automatically sent in the months before their expiry without you having to order them. AEDMAP takes care of everything.