The solution to map your AED and share their locations

With AEDMAP GEO, you visualize on an interactive map all your defibrillators and those that have been reported nearby, distinguishing them with a specific color code.

You can easily embed the map on your website through an iframe link to Google Maps.

Your defibrillators location is automatically shared in Staying Alive, they are visible to the mobile application users in case of emergency. To be more easily spotted, your logo can be associated with each of your defibrillators.

Staying Alive being a Community application, you will be notified immediately if any of its users declares a problem on one of your defibrillators (missing, defective, improperly positioned).

The inventory of your defibrillator is done online in your personal space. You can edit, delete and add new defibrillators via this secure interface, including Excel spreadsheet import.