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CPR trained Volunteers geolocation service

February 2016 : Paris Launch

Citizen Responder service is launched in partnership with Paris Fire Brigade

AEDMAP developed the Citizen Responder, a service aimed at Emergency Professionals to shorten the delay before CPR start in case of Sudden Cardiac Arrest by using trained volunteers.


Decrease the time between the onset of cardiac arrest and start of CPR using a volunteer first responders network.


The Staying Alive application is used to:

  • Register and qualify volunteers;
  • Locate and mobilise them in case of emergencies

The platform provided by AEDMAP:

  • Secure access restricted to emergency services
  • Defibrillators mapping
  • Citizen Responders real time location
  • Citizen Responders notification

20.000 Citizens Responders are already registered via Staying Alive.

The service is designed to be deployed in several countries in order to create a global network of Citizen Responder. The first country in which the service is deployed are France and Switzerland.

Staying Alive Citizen Responder registration screen

First Responder