AED Locations

A worrying situation!

The findings are surprising but quite real: more than 3 million automated external defibrillators (AEDs) have been sold worldwide and yet to date no country makes available to the public AED locations through a mapping of installed devices.

A lack of global approach

There are many local initiatives to map defibrillators most are volunteers and NPO who suffer from a lack of resources and a limited approach geographically speaking.

AEDMAP commitments

AEDMAP has decided to tackle this problem by providing AED locations with a public defibrillator mapping solution, free, collaborative and global.
The solution developed is based on the AEDMAP framework which handles thousands of defibrillators on behalf of private companies and public authorities on one hand and on Staying Alive mobile mapping Apps family on the other hand.

AED Locations & Interactive mapping

AED Locations

Interactive Mapping using as an example the Google Maps tools. These maps can easily be shared and inserted into existing websites.

Tangible benefits

Detailed defibrillators fleet mapping, not only allows you to quickly pinpoint the location of the devices in emergency situations but also to set up a planning policy to improve Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) management.

Defibrillators installation + AED Locations sharing +  Raising Public Awareness = 

A simple equation to save thousands of lives !